NC Cold Saw Cutting Machine


Cold saw cutting machine is a special machine used in the tube manufacturing and the tube processing industry, in steel mills, forge shops, in steel producing mills wherever bars or shapes must be sawed in continuous line.

This machine was developed for cutting steel bars, tubes in layers, bars in a length of up to 20 meters of square or round shapes.

Specially designed carbide saw blades are used for providing high output through continuous operation even when cutting large batches and hard materials.
There are hydraulically operated fixed vice jaws used ; both horizontally and vertically for clamping the tube diameters which ranges from 24 mm to 105 mm.
Easy access to changing of blades is so designed that it can be changed in a simple and quick manner.

The machine offers advantages like Quick cutting, Minimum burrs and clean metal surfaces without structural deformation, Tension and crack free cuts, Less material cost as result of minimum possible stock removal available, Cost saving technology for the industry.

The machine can be customized for any size and material as per the specifications and requirement of the customers.


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