CNC Billet Radiusing Machine


This machine is specially designed for the tube industries.

The machine consists of the main machine, auto loading and unloading units for the billets.

It is a fully automatic CNC machine. When a billet is on the loading table, the arms of the loading table loads the billet from the table, machines it, and unloads it to the unloading table all of which is done automatically.

The machine is capable to radius the billets ranging from 143 mm to 250 mm diameter of billets and 350 mm to 900 mm length of billets.
The billet radiusing machine is used for radiusing and chamfering the ends of billets used in the extrusion press for extruding the tubes used in the tube industry.
The billets are end faced so that the flow of the material when extruded will be uniformed.

The machine can be customized to suit the customer requirement for any sizes and material.

Specially designed in line degreasing system was introduced for the first time in one of these machine which cleans the OD and ID of the billets with hot water, alkaline solution and hot air before placing them on to the unloading table. This was conceptualized for one of our customers using this machine.
The system was accurate and cost effective for the customer.


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