CNC Pilger Die Groove Grinding Machine


This is a special purpose CNC Die Groove Grinding machine used for dies used in the Pilgar mills. This machine is a tool room machine for the pilgar mill machine owners.

The main function of this machine is to grind the groove of pilgar dies which are used in the cold pilgar mills for producing pipes. The machine is so designed that the complete groove will be generated automatically on the die with the specially designed motorized spindle. The machine is designed to
The machine is fully automatic with four Axes CNC high end controller which is the top of line controller in the market.

This machine is solely designed and manufactured to improve the quality of pipes and tool life in cold pilgar mills. The appropriate use of the machine may reduce the problems faced on the shop floor like tool breakage, reconditioning etc and save costs.

The machine can be custom made to handle any sizes of dies ranging from 100mm to 650 mm of diameter and the width of dies from 80 mm to 180 mm. the groove diameter can be from 10 mm to 90 mm. the dies can be reground to a different size after using it on to the mills.

Special features of the machine includes motorized spindle, probe for inline measurement and advanced automization  to contribute to time and cost savings.
This machine has proven to be an import substitute for the Indian market as well as cost effective for the global market in every aspect of technological advancements, accuracies, tool room costs and quality of the pipes.


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