CNC Roll Groove Turning Machine


This is a specially designed CNC Roll Groove Turning machine used for turning of the three rolls fitted to the SRM – Stretch Reducing Mill stands used in the PQF mills. The rolls are machined in an in situ condition on the stands meaning that the rolls are not taken out of the stands for machining but all the three rolls are machined in the assembled condition in the stand under the required accuracies.

The concentricity of all the three grooves, root diameter of the rollers, centering of the stand etc is taken into consideration for the accuracies of the stand to produce a perfect pipe on the PQF mill.

The stands are used in order to maintain the sizing, finishing and to control the geometrical tolerances of the pipes. The machine is used to redress the worn out surfaces of the rollers in the SRM stands to achieve the required accuracies on the pipes.

Once the rolls are machined, the same stands can be used in the PQF mills for producing the required pipes. Therefore it is also called a Callibration machine.

Special cycles are developed for machining these rolls on the stands. The cycle uses interpolation of the axes to get the machining done. Specially designed probe cycle us also used to assess the pre and the post machining parameters.

A combination of mathematical formulas, intense mathematical calculations and features of a high end CNC comtroller used to program the cycles has been successfully designed to meet the requirement of this application.

The result of using this machine for calibrating the stands is extraordinary in terms of accuracy on the end product – the pipes, and in terms of the time taken in getting the job done which is highly productive and in turn profitable to the company.

Similar machine is developed for mills using round stands also.

The machine is fully automatic and is customized for the specific sizes of the roll stands of width 250 mm and 390 mm and length of 660 mm and 1100 mm respectively with the roll diameter of 275 mm and 450 mm respectively.

A loading and un-loading system is also specially designed for the machine to suit the customer requirement.
The machine was an import substitute and can prove to be very cost effective for the international market also in terms of capital costs, time and productivity.

Specially designed in line degreasing system was introduced for the first time in one of these machine which cleans the OD and ID of the billets with hot water, alkaline solution and hot air before placing them on to the unloading table. This was conceptualized for one of our customers using this machine.
The system was accurate and cost effective for the customer.


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