Concept Machines

Pipe beveling Machine

This machine is designed for beveling of the pipes of large size in length up to 4 meters and diameter of 2.5 meters. Since the pipes are generally not round and the thickness is less, the tool for machining must be guided by the pipe itself so that the face of the pipe can be beveled perfectly.

The chuck is fitted with the specially designed tool – named – ‘dancing tool’ whcihholds the pipe through rollers inside and outside to get perfect beveling.

The machine was conceptualized for one of our international clientele.


Plate edge Beveling Machine


This was a special purpose machine designed for beveling of both sides of a 60 mm thickness plate. There was a gantry designed with magnetic pick and place devices to load the plates on the machine. The plate would travel on the roller conveyors while the profile cutters would bevel the plate from both the sides while it travels through the table

Bar Cutting machine    

The design is conceptualized on the requirement of bar cutting of SS material for Bar sizes of 350 mm in diameter to be cut in practically half the time then normal time taken to cut it in full. The cutting is dry cutting standard circular saw. Very high speed and high capacity spindle motors are used for the operation.

Two cutters would approach the bar simultaneously for cutting up to nearing the center of the bar, and thereafter the bar would rotate to complete the cutting.

The machine is highly efficient for productivity and fully automatic to offer accurate bar cuttings for the steel industry. It can be custom made to handle any type of bar size and length.


Other machines

Roll Turning Machine Renered Shell Machine for Shell Keyway Machining Metro Rail Boggie Chassis Machine
Shell / Flange Facing Machine    

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