Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Electric Pedicab

This is a pedal rickshaw cum a battery operated electric vehicle; mainly designed for city commute.
"KUKI" - the yellow tricycle puller was developed for those who are less fortunate in terms of income where they pull passengers in such rickshaws seen in the stqte of UP, and many pilgrim places. The person does this for making his living. He can ride upto 40 kms by himself, whereas the combination of the battery support provided here as an electric vehicle combined to rickshaw pulling can offer him double the kilometers, The battery supports up to 50-60 kms in one charge of 6-7 hours, and the rest of the kilometers if at all he pulls would be another 40 kms which gives them double the earning and less physical trouble promoting good health and better life for these people. This was part of the CSR project of our company in Jamnagar Gujarat, initiated by our Director Mr P J Budhabhatti.

Although these concepts are not commercialized, we wish to do so with partners who wish to venture into these ideas that will make a better tomorrow for the country and we wish to offer it to the custoers in the market also.
Kuki can also be introduced in the congested areas of the market, or for shuttle service in the metro cities for metro rail stations, and at places where approach of vehicles are prohibited; like national monuments and small streets.
To give an idea on the pricing, each of these "KUKI" type EV's if in large scale production may run anywhere from 75-80K.

Hybrid Electric vehicles

Worldwide Environmental concerns have placed pressure on the development of low and zero emission vehicles. Legislations in different countries are bringing ever more stringent requirements on new vehicles. At the current time the zero emission requirements can only be met by batteries, with fuel cell technology still in development. The problem with the batteries is their low power density compared to fossil fuels. For this reason, the hybrid electric vehicle concepts have grown to meet the low and the ultra low emission requirements.

Highlights and Distinguished features of the Hybrid system designed by A T Consultants.

The Hybrid systems are designed either on parallel or on series systems. Our system is a series system.
A specially designed High speed AC induction motor is used in the system. The motor is light in weight, compact in design, has high speed and torque and functions at 100 Hz. The frame size of 160 mm gives a continuous torque of 89 KW and a peak torque of 118 KW. The motor runs at a maximum speed of 10000 RPM and a minimum base speed of 3000 RPM. The stator and the rotors are such designed that the motor is a liquid cool motor. Such design gives excellent results and offers the distinctive feature in the system.

Another unique concept is of the compressor designed for the Hybrid system. Normally, the braking of the vehicle works on pneumatic power. All compressors are connected to the camshaft of the engine and never goes beyond 1500 RPM so all the currently used compressors have 1500 RPM and are bulky and big in size. The compressor designed by us has 3000 RPM and the size to fit it is as compact as an Airconditioner fit into a car.

Senior Citizen Electrical Vehicle

Buddy – A Senior Citizen electric vehicle designed and developed by us:

The concept of "Buddy" car - a single seater senior citizen vehicle was designed to offer mobility and independent commute to the elderly or disabled where the vehicle can be used for short distances around the city. Being a four wheeler, the concept of a car driving is held in the mindsets, eliminating the feel of being senior or specially challenged. This car was a prototype made in the Y2K times.

As we all know Electric vehicles are gaining attention as an option for improving air quality and lessen the dependency on imported oil. While today’s technology is considered to be emerging as new, battery powered vehicles have been around since a long time. EV’s were in the market even before the gasoline automobiles and records show that some 50000 EV’s were used in the US sometime during 1912.

EV’s are ZERO EMMISSION VEHICLES because they produce no pollution from the tailpipe or through fuel evaporation. This means that EV’s can greatly reduce emission of carbon monoxide and smog forming pollutants in the cities with dirty air.

Promoting EV’s will be a considerable movement towards offering clean air and control the global warming hazard over the human life.

Advantages of BUDDY:

Buddy – is a single seater electric vehicle with space for little luggage or another companion to squeeze in if need be!
Total maneuverability for a senior citizen.

Designed as a four wheeler, it gives the feeling of a car; while overcoming the challenges of driving a big car in congested and traffic full areas
It is easy to take anywhere in the city as it is small in size.

It is easy to drive on the roads as it mingles with the other traffic like the scooters and auto rickshaws on the street. Though the speed is limited to 25-30 kmph; the city traffic does not allow any vehicles to cross this speed limit anyway.

It is easy to park.
It is easy to plug it at night or in free hours in any outlets for charging the batteries.
Open for a clear view – no doors; however safe as not just a two wheeled scooter!
Good Road clearance.
Very competitive in Cost!

All in all: It is a great companion!

Other uses:
Pick up and drop offs for school children
Grocery shopping
Driving in congested areas made easy
Driving inside big factories or grounds also made easy.
Inside airports for one passenger
Good for amusement parks
Good for children’s ride

Funny Cars

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