Insert Grinding Machine


This is a special purpose 12 Axes CNC insert grinding machine designed and manufactured to grind FPS inserts on all eight working sides; including both up and down sides. The loading and unloading of the inserts with a magazine is done automatically with pneumatics so designed to place the inserts for grinding with a special fork and then place it back on the tray table after grinding.

The grinding of carbide inserts is done with specially designed two motorized grinding spindles. The CNC program designed for grinding offers a complete automatic cycle from auto loading, grinding, indexing and unloading of the inserts.

The dressing is also programmed into the CNC for auto dressing cycles of diamond wheels. Machine consists of 12 Axes CNC high end controller, coolant filtration unit, spindle chiller unit, hydraulic power pack, mist collector etc The machine is centrally controlled by PLC giving individual commands to each unit to work independently.


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