CN Insitu Flange Faching Machine


Generally any job required to be machined goes to the machine for its operation.

When jobs like very big shells and flanges are to be machined it cannot be brought to the machine and special designed machines are to be manufactured to hold the machining at site to go there and do the machining.

This machine is a remote controlled portable In-Situ Flange facing and Boring machine used for facing the large Flanges/Shells at the ship breaking yards and oil industries. Any type of drilling, tapping, machining, boring etc operations are possible to do on this machine.

This machine can be operated horizontally as well as vertically. It can be mounted to the flanges horizontally or vertically.

A specially designed octagonal capsule has the clamping facility with interchangeability for internal diameter as well as different setting arrangements for external clamping on the same settings.

The complete machine is held with eight rigid clamping to do the machining in both the settings.

This machine can handle job sizes of Range 550 mm to 3000 mm.

The entire operation is done with remote control.

The machine can be customized for any sizes of Od and Id machining as per the requirement of the customers.


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