CNC Tool Room Education Lathe Machine


ATG-50-CNC is an education cum tool room lathe.

This CNC controlled lathe offers the turning operations of jobs with expedient facilities and offers institutional training for advanced education. It coincides with the standards of modern technology with its unique concept while maintaining in all the operational and functional requirements of a CNC lathe machine.
Ideal for education institutes, it can offer small and medium scale job workers a highly productive and cost effective solution for their business.

Speed, accuracy, easy maintenance, programmable operations for repetitive and reliable job accuracies, touch screen controls, AC spindle drives and PC interface are amongst the few advantages this machine can offer to its customers.
Facilities of G codes, M codes, Graphics and Zoom facilities, Customized Macro programs, Simple part programs for jobs of length up to 200 mm and diameter up to 100 mm and facing of plate up to 300 mm;; the machine offers flexibility to the customer. Built in spindle

The machine uses very little floor space and yet offers large benefits to the customer with the features designed for optimum use.

International market would find a very cost effective solution with this machine.


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