CNC Mandrel Grinding Machine


Mandrel is the basic tool required in Cold Pilger Mills or Cold Tube Rolling Mills in tube industries. The inner dia of the tube or pipes are controlled with the mandrels i.e. size and finish of the tubes / pipes are controlled with the mandrels. To control the inner diameter of tube is very essential. To achieve the good quality of the tubes the die and the mandrels should be properly ground and it should meet the close tolerances with each other. Also the surface finish of the tubes is very much dependent on the surface finish of mandrels. Basically mandrels are in form of taper shaped shafts. As per the tool designer for tubes on the pilger mill, the data is generated for forming of the mandrel. The general arrangement of the mandrel grinding machine is like cylindrical grinder. But, the cylindrical grinder has its limitations for grinding.

Mandrel grinding machine is designed and manufactured as per the requirement to make the perfect tool for pilger mills. Machine is capable to grind each and every point on the mandrel as per the data generated by the tool designer. Mandrel grinding machine consists of 4 axes. After completion of the processes on the mandrel like rough turning, hardening etc, mandrel is to be placed and fitted in between center to center in the machine for grinding. Machine will grind as per the tool data. And auto CNC program will perform the grinding operation. Dressing of the abrasive wheel will be done automatically through CNC program after specified durations. After grinding the mandrel, the mandrel is checked with the probe after checking as per the required

The machine grinds the mandrels of size 105 mm in diameter and 1200 mm in length.

The machine is custom made as per the requirement of the customer and is part of the tool room equipment for all pilgar mill owners in the industry.

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