Pilger Machine


Special features of our pilgar mill with the latest technology available at an affordable price:

1.Full ring die with curved groove profile on die and mandrel to suit the smooth flow of cold pilgered material during cold forming whether it is s.s.,alloy steels or non-ferrous alloys e.g. Cu,Al etc.

2.High productivity because of higher cross-sectional reduction/stroke of mother hollow combined with higher speed because of better balancing of inertia and torque forces.

3.Use of electronics by employing high reflex servo motors for unique feed and turn device and for automatic and continuous operation (with two feed and turn carriages). This enables elimination of mechanical elements such as gearbox, cams, springs etc., that minimizes the maintenance and increases the machine availability.

4.The mills give the best commercial option and return on investment since production capacity on one mill replaces the combined capacity on a number of mills of other cheaper options that may not have these features. This also results in lesser manpower, lesser built up shed area etc. minimizing fixed cost (spent on building with no returns) and running cost (because of lesser manpower,consumables,overheads etc.) thus resulting in much lower cost of production.

5.Most importantly the quality of rolled tubes improves metallurgically and dimensionally (because of heavy wall thickness reduction). The product achieves very stable dimensional tolerances, good surface finish and roundness and is ideal for selling to OEM’s at competitive prices in the world today.

Hence, these Pilger Mills are very cost-effective and givesbest value for money.


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