CNC Yoke Machine

This machine is a automatic PLC controlled Steering Yoke manufacturing machine. The yoke of the steering wheel is loaded at one station and it travels through nine different stations to do seven different operations on the piece. Since there are nine stations in a rotary table, all the operations are done simultaneously on each station while the table moves with the rotation on single station holding one job for a particular operation. This saves time and increases the productivity.
Stations included job loading, facing of all sides, drilling of holes, boring, spot facing, tapping, slitting, chamfering and unloading of the jobs on an in line bin.
This machine was specially designed for offering accurate jobs with minimum time and therefore savings of costs and labor.

The single machine alone replaced small turning machines and lathes occupied for each operation.

The machine was highly productive and gave results from raw to finish product for the parts sold in the automobile industry.

Yoke machine Yoke machine Yoke machine
Yoke machine Yoke machine  

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